“Had such an amazing massage experience with Rachel, warm and cozy atmosphere. Rachel your knowledge is amazing” - Aime

“Rachael is some kind of magic 🙌🏻 I leave each pregnancy massage feeling so relaxed and in a really good head place from her knowledgeable and comforting chats. A highlight of my pregnancies is being looked after by Rachael”. - Allison

"I just wanted to review the yoga session that I attended Monday night! Walking in I felt welcomed and at ease, not one bit self conscious at all. Every move was explained allowing me to move safely and confidently into it and modify it if necessary due to my own limitations. Rach helped each member of the group safely maneuver through each position as we went along helping us feel confident throughout! The guided meditation at the end was the most relaxed and peaceful I had felt in weeks and I felt a rush of emotion and didn't want it to end. I will be back again next week and can't wait to see Rachael develop her skills as a Yogi (or whatever it's called) as I know you'll be great at it!!" - Emily

“The greatest... thank you Rachael” - Frank

“I just had the most amazing experience I couldn’t wait to rave about the kindness, understanding and most of all treatment i received. I felt helpless, sore, tired and it was one of those days I couldn’t stop crying UNTILL the most relaxing helpful treatments I’ve ever had. 3rd baby and from the peninsula I wish I had found her Sooner! 
Thankyou!” – Monique

 “Rachael’s passion for her work and support of women in pregnancy never ceases to amaze me! I have been seeing her for over two years now, since I was pregnant with my first child. She has made both my pregnancies much more bearable with her massages, soothing my aches and pains. I also enjoy my time on the table as we chat about all things pregnancy and childbirth- such a wealth of information and ideas! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!” – Melissa

“Amazing  Rachael is fantastic, she is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond in all aspects of her treatments! I would definitely recommend her”. – Amy

“Rachael is so lovely and you feel so comfortable during your treatment. She listens to your concerns and always manages to find and soothe the sore spots”. – Nena

“I can not speak highly enough of Rachael.. Absolutely Divine… As a Fibro sufferer I am so picky about who I have touch me, the ili ili hot stone massage was so relaxing and I am feeling amazing after having it done!! Highly Recommend Fiore Massage to EVERYONE!!!”  – Emily

“Amazing!” – Jes

“Rach is brilliant, it’s so obvious how much she loves her job and cares about her individual clients needs! Thanks so much!!” – Jess

“I was in bliss! Rach is fantastic!” – Sarah

“Amazing hot stone massage!!! Couldn’t ask for more. Rach is awesome at giving you the most comfortable and relaxing experience!!! Thanks” – Brooke

“Being a pregnancy massage ‘newbie’ (on my 3rd pregnancy!) I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first appointment when I was 29 weeks along. I booked my appointment online, in a sleep deprived daze, at almost 4 in the morning! (I was suffering from severe insomnia). When I first met Rachael I was immediately struck by Rachael’s warmth and her nurturing nature, yet also her professionalism. With her extensive knowledge of the body, especially considerations in the 3 different trimesters of pregnancy, I knew I was in safe hands! After my first appointment I had the best nights sleep that I’d had for months. For the rest of my pregnancy I had a massage fortnightly, increasing to weekly (and sometimes 2-3 times a week!) in the last month. At each appointment Rachael asked me lots of questions and tailored every session to my exact needs. I looked forward to every appointment – with 2 other children to care for (and hubby!), my massage time gave me a wonderful chance for some ‘me’ time, and to reconnect with my changing body and my precious baby. Thanks to Rachael, this was my first pregnancy without severe back and pelvic pain. (When pregnant with my second son I could barely walk by the time I was 6 months pregnant, and recovery after the birth was long and painful due to damaged tendons and ligaments, so being pain-free was a miracle!). As weeks turned into months, I couldn’t believe how wonderful I felt this time around! Rachel was also a fantastic support for my labour preparations, and my desire to avoid unnecessary induction etc. I have been fortunate enough to have had spontaneous, non-medicated births, and bub number 3 was no different, except for the fact that she was 10.3 pounds (nearly 5 kilos)! And yet, I had no back pain during labour at all (during my previous labours my back pain was so severe that I felt like my back was on fire). She was bigger than her older brothers by 600 grams, and yet I had managed to sail through pregnancy, labour and birth with ease – I know it’s all thanks to Rachel! Needless to say, I was back having another massage with Rachel within a few weeks of giving birth! 

In the past, I mistakenly thought that massage was a luxury. A infrequent indulgence. Now I know differently – pregnancy massage, with a trained professional like Rachel, should be a standard part of routine care in all pregnancies. Rachel has a deep passion and dedication for supporting women through the miraculous journey of blossoming motherhood. I am blessed to have her as my remedial massage therapist, and honoured to also call her a friend.” – Danielle