My name is Rachael Elswyk an I’m a Remedial Massage Therapist with focus on Women’s wellbeing, no matter what stage of life’s journey they’re on.

With a background as a Registered Nurse (Div1) and a registered, qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, I specialise in soft tissue remedial massage with a focus on the body from a holistic perspective. Body, mind and energy as a whole being. My treatment technique is a gentler practice, working with the facia and muscles in a traditional style and I use vacuum cups, heated stones and elbows for deeper tissue work along with acupressure and moxa. I offer full body Hawaiian ili ili hot Stone treatments based on traditional Hawaiian KaHuna healing and have recently upgraded my qualifications to Level II. I also have a keen interest in Eastern Medicine, which has led me to study modalities such as Reiki and Kineasiology focusing on Chakra's, Meridian's and the 5 Elements. I've also harboured a life long fascination with herbal medicine. I'm looking forward to time where I can further study Western Herbalism. I'm also grateful for the chance to combine my love of Yoga and Birth Bodywork by studying with Melbourne's Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training school in Mindful Pregnancy Yoga and Myofascial Fertility Yin Yoga Teacher Training (200hrs) from August this year.

During my own journey I discovered a passion for both pregnancy massage and fertility massage and pursued extensive training with Pregnancy Massage Australia, to qualify as a NurtureLife® Practitioner and with Fertility Massage UK™,  to provide a specialised reproductive massage treatment I’ve termed Womb Love Bodywork.

I am also a Doula (Birth attendant) and student Lamaze Childbirth Educator. Through my interaction with pregnant women whilst specialising in pregnancy massage with Fiore Massage, I found I held a passion and drive for all things BIRTH. 

As a doula I want to support women and birthing families by empowering them through education, resources and evidence based choices for childbirth. I believe a doula should support and nurture a family in a way that is unique to them and provides an environment for a them to grow as a family. I believe in the child birthing year, that support should cover all 5 trimesters - Pre Conception, Trimesters 1,2 & 3 and Postpartum's 40 days. I believe birth is natural and should be as individual as you are. I believe you should feel safe, respected, encouraged and powerful and that childbirth is not a sickness but a life event that should be celebrated..

My Doula program is a work in progress as I intertwine my skills and experience into a unique bespoke service, spanning all 5 trimesters of pregnancy.  I am looking forward to offering Hatha, Fertility and Pregnancy Yoga, and Lamaze International Childbirth Education - all with my personal spin! Watch this space!



Read about my story on    Faces of Gippsland    Photograph by Colour of Life Photography

Read about my story on Faces of Gippsland

Photograph by Colour of Life Photography

It may sound like I offer a lot of different services, but they’re all just different aspects of what I do: caring for and supporting women through their life’s journey.

I would love to support you through your own journey, whatever stage you're at in life, whatever your path. Feel free to contact me to discuss and learn more about any of our services and set up a no obligation free Fiore Bodywork Meet & Greet (we'll have tea!) or to book any of our Fiore Bodywork treatments or sessions.

Our philosophy is to provide Women with a Safe, Inclusive, Accessible & Positive space so they can feel Empowered through Physical and Emotional Encouragement and Support, Mutual Respect and the Sharing of Knowledge.