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At present AT BIRTH/ON-CALL DOULA services are not available

due to family and education commitments. 

Labour support requires 5 weeks of "on-call", 2 weeks before your EDD week, the week of your EDD and two weeks after. As we know, an EDD is a guess-tamation at best. A large on-call window allows for all of us to be present for You!

As a mama of a yet to be self-mobile Yr12 VCE student, I'm unable to offer my full attention to being on-call. However, I can still work with you! We can tailor a package complied with all the prenatal, labour and post natal goodies we have on offer and I can still be contactable by phone at any time. Together with your birth partner, we'll make sure that you get all the support you need!

Thanks for understanding.


 We are always available for a cuppa. 

In the future (ETA mid 2019) we will be offering Placenta Preparation and Encapsulation and are exploring mobile Fiore Mama Bodywork & Yoga plus Traditional Benkung Belly Binding.

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