Hello! I’m Rachael. My aim is to hold space for women and their families through the entire birthing journey, be it with physical and emotional support, education and assistance, acting as a birth concierge or simply massaging out the knots and tightness of daily living so that they can achieve the birth they want.

As a Perinatal Practitioner I want to support women and birthing families by empowering them through education, resources and evidence based choices for childbirth. As a Doula, I believe the role is to support and nurture a family in a way that is unique to them and provides an environment for a them to grow.

  • I believe that support should cover all FIVE trimesters.
  • I believe birth is natural and should be as individual as you are.
  • I believe you should feel safe, respected, encouraged and powerful and that childbirth is not a sickness but a life event that should be celebrated.

As a single mum to a teenage boy, I know what it means to be surrounded and lifted by a supportive network. Having experience as a Peri-operative (Operating Theatre) Registered Nurse, I understand the environment of the hospital and medical world. As a Pregnancy Remedial Massage Therapist, I get the need for therapeutic touch and it’s benefits. As a student Childbirth Educator, I am on the path to providing you with up to date, unbiased, relevant and evidence based research and knowledge to help you develop the right birthing plan for you. I aim to provide accessible, affordable, quality, tailored birthing bodywork, support and education.

Fiore Mama Philosophy

When I began working with expectant women in 2013 through massage, I began to realise how important it was to demystify pregnancy and childbirth. To embrace birth as a positive experience. I wanted to hold space for women and their partners to feel like their pregnancy wasn’t treated as a “sickness” or something to be managed.

I wanted them to be EMPOWERED.  

To make informed decisions, to give them the opportunity to make their own best life choices, to ask the questions they thought they couldn’t ask, to feel that their experiences of birth were positive and unique. I believe in giving 100% non-judgemental unbiased support through pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

I believe you should feel respected, trusted and supported.

I believe that women should have a safe, secure, and private environment to birth in. I believe a good positive birth can be achieved with love, support and awareness even when things don’t go to “plan”. Whether you plan to utilize modern medicine during your birth, go completely intervention free, or decide to change your mind in the midst of labor, I  will support your choices.

Each birth is unique; there is no one-size-fits-all birth plan.

I will provide you with physical support throughout your journey. I’m a massage therapist, I believe pregnancy shouldn’t be “endured”. I will work to make your pregnancy and postpartum physically comfortable and will work with other health professionals to achieve this goal. Throughout labour I will utilise my skill set (massage, acupressure, hot/cold therapy, aromatherapy, positioning and more) to comfort you or,

I will simply be there for you.

 “I think one of the best things we could do would be to help women/parents/families discover their own birth power, from within themselves.  And to let them know it’s always been there, they just needed to tap into it.” ~ John H. Kennell

I will provide you with knowledge. I will make sure I present you with evidence based research to help answer all your questions.

No question will go unanswered.

I will support you in developing your own birth preferences. I will support you in becoming as informed and educated as you need in developing your own birth attitude and birth values.

I will provide you with emotional support. I will listen to your worries and concerns and delight in your happiness. I will be there for you. You will be my focus. I will advocate for you and support your birth preferences. I will provide reassurance and encouragement.

I trust in your ability to give birth.

I will not replace your partner, your family or your midwife or medical team. My role includes supporting your birth partner by offering a reassuring presence that birth is a natural process and by offering ideas as to how best to support you. I will “mother the mother”.

But most of all, I will respect your birthright to labour and birth your baby in your own time and your own way.

As a doula I feel it is a privilege and honour to be sharing in the everyday miracle of birth and the birthing journey.

To enable a woman to become a mother, a couple a family, a family a tribe.