Womb Love Bodywork • Making “womb” for baby through massage, acupressure, yoga and breath work • $115

A grounding and restorative 90 minute treatment based on training we've received from Fertility Massage Therapy (UK). Womb Love bodywork is a fusion of techniques including abdominal & sacral bodywork, breath-work, pulsing, rebozo, reiki, guided visualisations and a twist of intuition to provide a nurturing and sacred massage.  This unique blend of therapies will gently bring harmony and balance to the reproductive, digestive and sacral areas by increasing circulation, promoting normal balance, alleviating physical and emotional stress, aiding in the elimination of old stagnant blood and scar tissue and creating space within the pelvic region for womb alignment.


NurtureLife® Pregnancy Remedial Massage • Remedial Massage Therapy from week one through to Labour • from $55

NurtureLife® Prenatal Massage uses a combination of Relaxation & Remedial soft tissue techniques. Regular massage reduces peripheral swelling, soothes the nervous system, & helps to prevent & reduce incidences of  insomnia, muscle cramps & back pain. It aids in alleviating the discomforts of pregnancy such as morning sickness and fatigue. NurtureLife® Practitioners are intensively trained, supported  and accredited by Pregnancy Massage Australia® & Fiore Massage™ is both accredited by AAMT and insured by AON to provide remedial pregnancy massage therapy from the first trimester and throughout your pregnancy.


Labour Preparation Bodywork • 90 minutes of Massage, Acupressure, Positioning & Aromatherapy from 38 weeks to help facilitate the mind-body-baby connection • $115*

Pregnancy is never static; it is constantly changing and developing. NurtureLife® massage techniques focus on these changes and adapt to our clients’ ever changing needs in the lead-up to labour. NurtureLife® for labour explores how to best prepare the body to move through the waves of change in labour, while maintaining the mind-body-birth-baby-connection

*Book a Birth Ready Essential for Labour session and receive $50 off the full price of a Labour Preparation Bodywork session - Total cost $200.



Birth Ready Essentials for Labour • A 2 hour workshop for you and your birth partner, including the use of rebozo’s, massage, yoga, acupressure, movements, mantra’s and more •$150*

Fiore Mama techniques offer a set of specialised skills for the birth partner to easily adapt and utilise with the labouring woman.Private sessions for the couples or mum-to-be and birth partner are also offered as part of our Birth Ready sessions.These sessions instil confidence in both the pregnant mum and partner, and you learn different massage techniques for various birthing scenarios. We will explore how to support you through the first stage of labour allowing your body to comfortably move and adjust in this early stage. Our focus is to reduce any fears or anxiety; this allows the body to produce the right hormones for the labour to progress, engaging a sense of connection and openness. Creating the right environment for the labouring women is essential for her to feel safe, secure and nurtured.

You will feel confident and more connected with your birth partner knowing they have the tools to support you in your labour as you both journey to parenthood. Sessions are tailored to your needs whether you are a first time mother or already have children.

*Book a Birth Ready Essential for Labour session and receive $50 off the full price of a Labour Preparation Bodywork session - 


Post Natal Bodywork - Remedial Massage and specialist bodywork for the 4th Trimester.

The early postnatal weeks are the time for your body to readjust and recover from the birth & pregnancy. The joy of adapting to new motherhood can also be exhausting, as the body is undergoing many changes. At NurtureLife® we aim to enhance the mother’s physical and emotional wellbeing during this time through a variety of methods, again with massage as the central focus. This is the optimum time when the body requires support to adjust and unwind the 9 months of pregnancy. NurtureLife® for the postnatal period is wonderful time to recharge readjust the mind and body to motherhood.