Coming Soon - Fiore Mama Lamaze International Childbirth Education


Fiore Mama - Childbirth Education

CBE 101 - Childbirth Education for Beginners (includes our Move It + Landscaping classes)

Back for More - Childbirth Education Refresher/Update including VBAC strategies.

(You’ve got to) Move it - Comfort Measures/Active Birth For Labour

Labour Landscaping - Help with identifying and recording your birth choices. Evidence based.

4P's for the 4th Trimester - Planning & Preparation for Post Partum - Planning or Reinforcing your Village for post delivery.


Calm & Confident Hypnobirthing


Calm & Confident Hypnobirthing with Danielle Black (independent booking) - BOOK HERE

The experience of your baby's birth is one that will stay with you forever, so it makes sense to plan and prepare for this incredibly important life-event. 

Calm & Confident Birth Workshops will help you to feel calmly excited as you look forward to bringing your baby into the world. No matter the path that your birth takes, you can feel calm, confident, positive and have an amazing and empowering birthing experience!

Your consultation fee of $279.00 includes:

• A safe and relaxed environment for you and your birth partner to learn more about birth, and talk about any concerns or fears you might have. (A private consultation ensures that you feel comfortable, something that is often not achieved in a group setting). 
• Practical HypnoBirthing techniques, evidence-based on the psychology and physiology of birth, as well as other important tips for yourself and your birth partner. 
• Unbiased, evidence-based information about the ways in which different interventions can impact the normal, physiological progression of birth. (This is important knowledge to have if you would prefer an intervention-free experience). 
• Exclusive MP3 HypnoBirthing tracks to enable you to practise at home, designed to enhance the effectiveness of the techniques you learn in your consultation. (Including tracks that can be used during labour induction and ‘gentle’ caesarian birth). 
• A copy of Sophie Fletcher's book, 'Mindful Hypnobirthing’ (one book per couple) 
• A comprehensive take-home folio of information and resources. 
Practitioner-led deep relaxation, and the option of ongoing support leading up to birth (Positive Birth Hypnotherapy Consultations, booked separately).

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." 
- Barbara Katz Rothman