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Acupressure Tip for Headache Relief - Part 2

Today we continue with our Acupressure Tip for Headaches - this time the acupressure point is Liver 3. When used in conjunction with Large Intestine 4 it packs a pretty good punch for stopping headaches in their tracks, but also any stress and tension related pains anywhere in the body. Liver 3, also known as LV3, LIV3 or by it’s traditional name Taichong - which means Great Rushing or Great Surge. 

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Acupressure Tip for Grounding.

If you’re finding everyday a little stressful or school holidays put you a bit on edge, today’s acupressure tip is perfect! This acupressure tip is another great one for calming and grounding yourself during stressful situations or when you feel like you’re about to loose it! I’m talking about Kidney 1, also known as K1 or Gushing Spring or Bubbling Spring.

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