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Acupressure Tip for Headache Relief -Part 1

Today’s acupressure tip is focusing on Large Intestine 4 or LI4

LI4 is known as the analgesia point  and as “asprin” for colds, flu, sinus conditions and headache. This point relieves frontal headaches, stress type headaches, toothaches and neck and shoulder pain. It’s also an acupressure point for relieving constipation. Combine with the acupressure point Liver 3 to help with acute pain and stress (Liver 3 will be our next Acupressure Tip!).

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Pregnancy Safe CAM tips for Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Not sure what you can and can not do to make it easier to slip off to the land of Zzzzz? Aromatherapy, Tissue Salts, Flower Essences, Herbal Tea, meditations and of course regular pregnancy massage are some simple easy non-medication ways to help you out.

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Acupressure Tip for Grounding.

If you’re finding everyday a little stressful or school holidays put you a bit on edge, today’s acupressure tip is perfect! This acupressure tip is another great one for calming and grounding yourself during stressful situations or when you feel like you’re about to loose it! I’m talking about Kidney 1, also known as K1 or Gushing Spring or Bubbling Spring.

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Mg Goodness!

We massage therapists tend to rabbit on about taking a good long soak in epsom salts to ease muscle soreness, but did you know that taking the time to soak your feet in a tub of epsom salts or magnesium flakes provides just as much benefit as a full tub soak? You don’t need a fancy foot spa, but you can certainly use one, you just need a foot size tub, some warm water and some Epsom Salts or Magnesium Flakes and you’re on your way to getting some muscle easing goodness and some sleep perfection!

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