Pregnancy Safe CAM tips for Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Not sure what you can and can not do to make it easier to slip off to the land of Zzzzz? Aromatherapy, Tissue Salts, Flower Essences, Herbal Tea, meditations and of course regular pregnancy massage are some simple easy non-medication ways to help you out.

Regular massage helps soothe the nervous system and increases levels of the feel good hormones, serotonin and dopamine. Massage decreases the levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine and cortisol. Regular massage also decreases the pain and discomfort that may be associated with your pregnancy too. Make sure you book with a qualified pregnancy specialist (Like Us!). [See our Fiore Mama Menu for further info]

Essential oils such as Lavender, Chamomile and Yang Ylang can be used in a foot bath with magnesium salts and warm water before bed. Or make a small spray bottle up with magnesium oil (easily found ay your chemist or health food store), a few drops of lavender oil and some Rescue Remedy and spray on your feet before bed. Be careful if you’re pregnant of pre-mixed aromatherapy blends, some contain clary sage and jasmine which should be avoided until labour. A massage blend of coconut oil, lavender and peppermint is good for leg cramps.


Flower Essences are good too, easy to find Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy or Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Blend are good to take before bed and you can pop some in warm water to sip before bed. Drop some into your night time herbal tea. Specifically good for sleep is a blend of Bach Flower Essences; Hornbeam, Holly, Mustard, Olive and White chestnut.

Tissue Salts are a safe mild way of using homeopathy. Schuessler’s Tissue Salts (also known as biochemic or cell salts) are micro-doses of the 12 essential minerals your body needs to repair and maintain itself, quite safe for all the members of your family. they are readily available through your local chemist or health food store. Combination A and Combination F are good for insomnia, Combination A is good for insomnia where muscle cramps, inflammation and sciatica seep you awake at night, and Combination F helps with fatigue and mental exhaustion. Follow the directions, by taking them 4 times a day.

Herbal Tea such as a sleep blend containing chamomile*, valerian*, passionflower*, linden* (lime blossom) and lavender are all safe to use in pregnancy. One cup of a sleep tea before bed is helpful and there is a lot of research in regards to which herbs are recommended and to be avoided during preganancy*. Obviously, consuming a tea that is designed to help you sleep is best before bed! There are many herbal tea companies out there, just check the ingredients. Freshly brew your herbal tea and place a few drops of your Flower Essence blend into the cup and sip before bed.

Simple wind down rituals such as your favourite short meditation or listening to a meditation cd or podcast. A darkened, quiet room with minimal light is best (no TV). And make sure your pillows are supporting your head, shoulders and hips correctly. And don’t forget to breathe and relax! While laying in bed, start with your head and relax each part of your body all the way down to your toes. (Then, if you want, start at your toes and work up to your head.) It’s amazing how much tension you can unconsciously build up in your forehead or shoulders.

Have a midnight plan! If all else fails and you have to get up, do something meditative, calming and relaxing. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try some of the above things or if folder the washing or ironing is this for you, do it until you feel sleepy! Try and stay away from surfing the internet or watching telly, nothing too stimulating.

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References for the above information can be found below. The above information is simply a guide, not a prescription nor advice. Please see your health care professional for any medical advice if you have any concerns.

Hope you have a great sleep,


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