Mg Goodness!

We massage therapists tend to rabbit on about taking a good long soak in epsom salts to ease muscle soreness, but did you know that taking the time to soak your feet in a tub of epsom salts or magnesium flakes provides just as much benefit as a full tub soak? You don’t need a fancy foot spa, but you can certainly use one, you just need a foot size tub, some warm water and some Epsom Salts or Magnesium Flakes and you’re on your way to getting some muscle easing goodness and some sleep perfection!

Soaking your feet in Epsom Salts or Magnesium can certainly help with the following

Stress relief
Calming the nervous system
Help mineral absorption and improve sleep and concentration
Improve mental function
Muscle aches
Increasing insulin sensitivity
Improving circulation
Better nutrient absorption
Headache and migraine relief
Speeding up wound healing
During illness, especially respiratory illness
For joint pain relief
Reducing fatigue
Reducing inflammation

Not to mention the added benefits of slowing down and spending some time on self-care, filling your own cup of love! Add your favourite meditation to the mix, and BAM self-love bomb! Make a ritual out of the process.

If you add a few drops of a suitable essential oil, like Lavender, shown here, for its calming nature or peppermint for its soothing action, and you’re really amping up the benefits! If you’re familiar with flower essences, Bach Rescue Remedy or Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Blend is brilliant to add to the mix as well, it’s as much beneficial as taking the drops under your tongue. Really good if you’re finding yourself frazzled during the end-of-year madness! Adding a little olive oil or coconut can soothe dry cracked feet too (obviously make sure you take care after the foot soak with slippery feet!). Soaking your feet is a good grounding exercise too.

If you’re  pregnant, you can still get all the goodness from foot soaking in Epsom Salts or Magnesium, and you can safely add Lavender or Peppermint, Flower Essences and olive or coconut oil to your foot bath too. Soaking during pregnancy can help with sleep issues, muscle cramping or restless legs and swelling, not to mention stress relief!

And don’t worry of your kids want to dip their feet in too, it will give them a good nights sleep as well with the same benefits foot soaking gives grown-ups.

Epsom salts are now readily available in the medicinal isles  of your supermarket, or at your chemist or health food shop. Magnesium Flakes are a little more harder to find, but the search is worth the effort, as they are well worth it for the magnesium boost (47% magnesium chloride by weight). You can readily purchase lavender oil and peppermint oil as well as Rescue Remedy (I found both these oils and Rescue Remedy in the same isle as the Epsom Salts in both Coles and Woolies) and coconut oil in Supermarkets, Health food stores and Chemists.


Here at Fiore Bodywork, we stock bulk magnesium flakes and Two-Salts (a blend of Epsom Salt and Bi-Carbonate Soda, the ingredients of bath bombs!) which is fabulous for relief from cramps. Bring a container – a glass jar is best – and we can fill it for you. Costs are $3.50 for 250g  with 15% off if you bring your own container! Simply contact us and we can organise a time to set you up!