Acupressure Tip for Grounding.

If you’re finding everyday a little stressful or school holidays put you a bit on edge, today’s acupressure tip is perfect! This acupressure tip is another great one for calming and grounding yourself during stressful situations or when you feel like you’re about to loose it! I’m talking about Kidney 1, also known as K1 or Gushing Spring or Bubbling Spring.

K1 is located on the sole of your foot and is the first point of the Kidney Meridian, or the entry point for Qi or the vital energy, and it has a downward pull, meaning that activating this point will drain excess energy from the upper part of the body, especially the head and mind, helping you feel grounded. Too much energy in the upper body can cause symptoms such as anxiety, headaches, insomnia and panic attacks, fainting feelings and fatigue. K1’s strong downward action can relieve these symptoms fast. It’s a good go to First Aid acupressure point.

To find K1 make a “fist” with your foot – scrunch your toes in- and K1 is found about 1/3 of the way down the sole of foot in the depression made in the pad of your foot when your scrunch your toes. To activate this point, make a fist with your hand and rub the point or hold K1 with your thumb or your fingertips. Using sea-bands is a great way of getting pressure on both feet at the same time. Find the point and place the sea bands over the feet with the button pointing into K1, you can walk around on them for added pressure. This is a fast acting point so no need to keep the bands on for a long period of time.

Kidney 1 is also a great point for relieving insomnia too. Soaking your feet in magnesium salts and then massaging K1 with the fist of your hand is a great way to calm your mind and eliminate all those thoughts swimming around!

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