Acupressure Tip for Headache Relief - Part 2

Today we continue with our Acupressure Tip for Headaches - this time the acupressure point is Liver 3. When used in conjunction with Large Intestine 4 it packs a pretty good punch for stopping headaches in their tracks, but also any stress and tension related pains anywhere in the body. Liver 3, also known as LV3, LIV3 or by it’s traditional name Taichong - which means Great Rushing or Great Surge. 

According to the theory of Acupressure, this important source point helps to keep the body’s energy running smoothly. This powerful point balances the Liver meridian, all energy that flows up the body, and relieves all kinds of allergic reactions, especially bloodshot eyes, eye strain and neuromuscular disorders. It’s also helpful in energising.  Liver 3 prevents Chi (Qi or Ki) stagnation in the body and is the most important point for combating stress. It is also very efficient for detox and decongestion. Use it for slow digestion, hangover, upset stomach, indigestion and headaches. It may also be helpful during bouts of insomnia. 

“If I had to give Liver 3 a nickname it would be the “Cranky, Irritability, Anger Relieving Point!” This point is by far the best point for calming emotions related to anger and irritability. In Chinese Medicine the Liver channel is responsible for moving energy all directions. When energy gets “stuck” in the Liver channel it then EXPLODES and leads to symptoms such as anger, irritability, PMS, IBS, twitching eyes, and a throbbing headache”  Dr. Adrian Larsen

From a Kinesiology perspective, activating Liver 3 restores harmony, courage and clarity and releases irritability, resentment, jealousy, anger and bad attitude! If you think that the function of the liver as an organ is as a filter, when it’s blocked or stagnant, everything backs up and blocks. Activating the Liver Meridian flushes the bad out. Hence the “Cranky, Irritability, Anger Relieving Point!”

Once again this can be quite a potent point, so if you’re pregnant please don’t use this point. 

Liver 3 is located on the top of your foot in the “valley”  between your big toe and second  toe.


Reach down to place your index finger between your big toes and your second toe, slide your finger two inches toward your leg in the indentation between the bones on the top of your feet -   the v-shape on the top of the foot between the big and second toes - until you reach the junction of the big and second toe bones. 

Untitled 2.png


Press firmly on an angle toward the bone that attaches to the second toe  Start with light pressure, as this point can be sensitive, and increase as much as you can until you are using moderate to firm pressure., a strong sensation should be felt for best results. Press for about 1 minute. You can also use your heel to to stimulate this point on the opposite foot, rubbing each for about a minute.  If you've got a few extra hands, get those hands to activate Liver 3 while you work on your Large Intestine 4 points! 

So next time you feel headachy, congested and "stuck" give Liver 3 a go. You never know, you might "smile with your liver" (Eat, Pray, Love) !!! 


Extra Tip!
Try combining this point with Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Combination spray or drops or Bach Rescue Remedy and Essential oils of Peppermint* and Lavender* - Take it one step further and soak your feet in magnesium salt (or Epsom Salt) with a few drops of essential oil and Rescue Remedy/Emergency Combination and acupressure point massage!**  

* We strongly advise against internal consumption of any essential oil. Please research for yourself regarding this practice. Flower Essences are safe to be taken internally as they are a highly diluted form of Homeopathic medicine. 

** Recommendation only, not to be taken as a prescription or medical advice.

This material is presented as information only, not as a course of treatment or replacement for medical advice. Information is not a substitution for qualified medical advice. If you don't know what is causing the pain or other symptom, consult a medical doctor before you start treating yourself.

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